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2A Marketing is an innovative marketing firm based just out side of Kansas City, Missouri. Our growing business has 10+ years of experience with web and graphic design, copywriting, social networking, and more! We pride ourselves on delivering our client’s wants and needs. Let us help you stand out in a crowd with and unbeatable marketing experience!

Mission Statement

2A Marketing strives to help clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals through brand recognition, creative web design, and quality copy.



2a Marketing ProcessDedicated Team
At 2A Marketing we understand each client is unique and has specific needs. Our dedicated team works one-on-one with the client to exchange information in order to meet these needs. The one-on-one process ensures that all parties involved are on the same page and there are no unexpected surprises in production or billing.


2A Marketing will arrange a planning meeting with the client at the beginning of the process. At this meeting, responsibilities will be assigned both internally and externally. A timeline will also be set with a price quote for hours of production needed for the project. 2A can even create a marketing plan for an entire calendar year!

Once production begins, 2A Marketing will create a unique secure site that only 2A and the client can access. This allows both parties to review the progress and effectively communicate future direction.

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